Who We Are

Who We Are

Juan Haro founded his company along with his children in 1.990.

Proprietors of excellent rice ground, they possess a farm of approximately 50 hectares in the place, "THE PORT", bordering on the high fertile plain of the River Segura, which with its cold and crystalline waters, does that the Rice of Calasparra is an unique product in quality and prestige.

The rice mill, placed inside the proper farm and acquired by the company recently is surrounded by an unique and natural environment, it has stores, packing room and two rooms with air inyection, which do that the rice has the ideal temperature in expectation of its packaging for the shipment.

The office of 150 m2 located in the centre of Calasparra, has a small shop in which they offer its product both to the Calasparra's people and to the visitors who do not want to pass over Calasparra without taking away their rice.

Proud of their work, this family owned business composed by four members together with six employees form a young team with a desire for working, doing of the Rice of Calasparra a trademark: RICE FLOWER OF CALASPARRA.