Denomination of Origin

The Calasparra's rice is known in Spain and in the whole world without for it no type of advertising had been needed.

To be imposed, it has been enough its traditional quality and the good one to do of the Calasparra's farmers, proof of it is the authorisation for the Denomination of Origin, being the first rice of the world that enjoys this valued endorsement of quality and guarantee.

Its Regulatory Council, organ entrusted to watch the cultivation, making and presentation of the rice, is fighting against the undue use of its name and announcing it both at national and international level.

The revaluation of the rice on the domestic and exterior market is propitiating the number of farmers dedicated to this activity to increase.

The lands watered by the rivers Segura and its tributary the Mundo, at their way along the municipalities of Calasparra and Moratalla in Murcia, and Hellín in Albacete, irrigate the areas for production, in which it is content the Rice Preserve of Calasparra, granted officially for Royal decree of in February 1, 1908.

Its ecological environment is clearly different with regard to other rice areas, since it is cultivated in a very mountainous and sunny area placed to the Northwest of the Region of Murcia and to the South of Albacete, with an altitude that ranges between 341 and 500 metres on the sea level.

Its annual production is very limited, from 2,5 millions to 3,5 million kilos, and though the surface inscribed in the Record of Parcels of the Denomination of Origin is of approximately 1.000 hectares due to the rotation of the cultivation, they are only sow approximately 500 or 600 hectares a year.

The Rice Flower of Calasparra belongs to the Calasparra's Denominción of Origin Regulatory Council, and takes refuge in its standards holding with its rules to the advantage of the quality and prestige that it offers its clients.